Tuesday, July 13, 2004

A Beginning


Here goes my very own first blog entry...
I've been wanting to write my own weblog since last year but procrastination ruled me :D, I couldn't help it.To be honest, I used to think that writing weblogs is a waste of time, sorry dear bloggers... What a silly notion to think of when I could spend hours perday YMing. Allright then, back to the point on how I decided to have my own blog. Though I wasn't a blogger before, I've become an avid blog readers then. Initially I read the blogs for fun, like some sort of favourite pastimes, but then I realized that some of the blogs did not just cheer me, they inspired me as well. :) So that is exactly what I intend to do, I want to inspire people, insya Allah. There are times when you can learn and gain many lessons from a stranger, there are times when you seek comfort from people whom you never met.

I am neither a brilliant writer nor a story teller, but I know I will be able to affect or leave impact to at least one person through my writings. May Allah guide me in realizing this mission :)

Read, and be inspired...