Tuesday, June 06, 2006

A Trip To Muzium Negara

It has been 15 years since I last visited Muzium Negara during one of my primary school trips. Last week, my youngest sister and I decided to pay this famous museum a visit. I felt like a school girl all over again. Sigh, those were the days :D. Enjoy the pictures, everyone!
kapal korek (anyone knows what is kapal korek in english, let me know)

Batu Aceh

traditional xylophone
old train

ceramic teapots from China

bird-shaped congkak which is quite big


roza said...

if iam not mistaken "kapal korek" in english is "Dredge"... "disseminating of knowledge" remember? :)

ida_zy said...

dredge eh? hehe, of course i remember our knowledge dissemination routine, except this time it is not the 'lagha' type :D

[H]a|f B|o0d Pr!nCes[S] said...

canteknyer gbr kat muzium dierr(senyum) ->ade makna..