Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Have You Ever...

Have you ever felt so lonely even though you are surrounded by family and friends each day?

Have you ever felt so dumb and downright stupid and you feel others are so intelligent and well-organized?

Have you ever felt so weak and useless while others are so tough and ready to face any challenge?

Have you ever felt demotivated whereas others are so spirited and full of new ideas?

Have you ever felt that you are nothing but a nuisance and burden to everyone?

Have you ever wondered how come you are so ungrateful even though Allah has never stopped showered you with His blessings?

Have you ever asked yourself, “why have I become so empty, losing passion in everything, losing faith in my job as well as losing confidence?”

What is wrong actually?


z4cque said...

hehe... cam pernah dengar komen2 camni jerr, dari new lecturer gak..
well, coincidence?

ida_zy said...

salam zz
rasanya bukan coincidence
sebenarnya transition drpd seorang student kepada seorang cikgu
memang mencabar huhu
baru saya betul2 paham
tanggungjawab mendidik ni bukan main2
"with great power comes great responsibility" hehe

roza said...

Salam ida....

"It would be a great loss if a man or woman who could conquer great mountains settled instead for conquering little anthills..." you can do GREAT things....insyaAllah...

ibah said...


I always feel that way too..to overcome those feelings, I start looking for motivation books and attending ceramah espc by well known ulama'.

aNNdiNN said...

My answer is YES to all questions! well, except d last 1 :P