Thursday, May 05, 2011

Of Da’wah, Vlog and Youth

Baba Ali and Ummahfilms first caught my attention around year 2006 through a mention in this blog. I have no idea what vlog is all about at that time, but I found myself being captivated by Baba Ali’s creative videos on YouTube which he named The Reminders (Tazkirah). As the name suggests, the videos have covered everyday Muslim issues in a funny and creative manner yet managed in knocking our hearts to ponder and reflect. Among my favourite ones are: That’s Not Hijab, Distraction During Solat, Muslims While Flying and Seasonal Muslims. It took me a year or so to realize that what Baba Ali’s been doing is actually called vlogging. Wikipedia defines: video blogging sometimes shortened to vlogging (pronounced 'vlogging', as opposed to 'v-logging' or vidding or vidblogging is a form of blogging for which the medium is video and is a form of Internet television. Entries often combine embedded video or a video link with supporting text, images, and other metadata. Entries can be recorded in one take or cut into multiple parts. It is also a very popular category on YouTube.

Baba Ali’s reminder videos have been a huge success. The videos were aired for three seasons until sometime in 2009/2010 when Baba Ali started directing his attention towards establishing a muslim marriage website HalfOurDeen. The reminder videos were on hiatus and Baba Ali came out with vlogs which focused on marriage from Islamic perspective. So that’s a brief recollection on my first encounter with vlogging. Indeed, vlogging is a better medium for spreading the words of Allah and His Messenger for those who prefer watching videos to reading written blogs.

At one point, I thought I could never find someone else who does da’wah via vlogging until I found this guy via Facebook link sharing early this year. And he’s Malaysian! Though Anwar Hadi did not specifically quote Quranic and ahadeeth verses as Baba Ali did, but most of his videos speak about respecting others. He has his own styles too which makes him stands out and starts garnering rising attention as well as loyal followers. Since he is so young, I am so impressed with his open mindedness and his way of thinking. And he is such a good sport too, promoting other vloggers. So that’s how MatLuthfi and Aiman Azlan came into my radar.

Matluthfi covered various issues like Anwar Hadi but he did it hilariously. To be honest, I couldn’t help laughing out loud while watching his videos. There’s no doubt that this young man got pure talent in attracting crowds’ attention. Interestingly, each of his video is ended with a conclusion so that viewers will keep on track and get awakened after all that laughter. I must say, I fell in love with Mat Luthfi’s videos more than Anwar Hadi’s. But still, I support them both.

Now, Aiman Azlan really really reminds me of Baba Ali. His videos depict Quranic verses and ahadeeths just like Baba Ali. Nevertheless, he touched issues closer to his current environment, university students. His latest video about cheating in exam seems really promising. It won’t take long for him to develop his own vlogging style without being compared to others. I’m really looking forward to his upcoming vlogs. On a happier note, Anwar Hadi has also shifted his vlog topics by inclining towards Islamic teachings. Love it!

Just when I thought I had enough, I came across this really young guy. Looking at his appearance I presume that he’s still in high school. He’s not as famous as the above vloggers yet, but his subscribers keep increasing and I can’t wait to see what he has in store.

Seeing these new generations doing something beneficial for the ummah certainly puts some comfort in my heart that there’s still hope lies in the future. A portion of Sami Yusuf’ song Give The Young A Chance slipped into my mind:

Give the young a chance

To change their circumstance
And so… It’s written:
As the moon shall turn the tides
And as the stars shall light your ride
Don’t listen to the words of fools
The young I know they are jewels.

The rapid advance in technology is horrifying yet as Muslims we need to utilize them for spreading da’wah. Who else excels better in technology other than our youths? Yes, the youth are jewels :).


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Saya kenal baba ali thru "that's not hijab"... hilarious sangat. n video2 yang lain yang awak letak sini pun best :D

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