Monday, January 11, 2016

Judgemental Me

source: Google Image
Location: A petrol station somewhere in Terengganu.

One car was parked exceeding the allocated line, causing a supposedly vacant parking slot to become unavailable. Another car was parked in the air and water section even though the driver did not use the section. Seeing this, with the air of so-called know-it-all someone who had been living overseas, I was so in holier than thou mode,  noisily complained in my head on how uncivilized the Malaysians are. I got into my car, ready to take off when a guy knocked softly on my window, who happened to be the one from the car which was parked out of line.

He motioned his hand while holding something, which turned out to be the cover of my car’s petrol tank. I forgot to put back the cover and just closed the outer cover. It was there all this while on my car. Alhamdulillah I stopped by at the toilet before continuing my journey thus giving the chance for the guy to notice it. I got out of the car and thanked him profusely. He said it’s ok and helped putting back the cover without hesitating. All the previous complaints in my head had gone down the drain instantly.

What a significant life lesson, Alhamdulillah I’m so glad Allah reminded me immediately. A person may not do something right, but that same person may do something else right. Never lose hope in people, and never once think people can’t be better, and make lots of doa for humankind. After all, Allah The Creator of us all Knows Best. 

Hadith: ‘He who has an atom’s amount of takabbur (arrogance) in his heart will not enter Jannah (paradise).’

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