Wednesday, April 11, 2007

You Know What I'm Saying?

I got hooked on UmmahFilms lately. My post title actually refers to the famous line in all the videos. Instead of rambling, I think it's better if you go straight to this link (if you already know, alhamdulillah).

The one that is embedded here is one of my favourites. Check it out :)

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me,myself n all around da world said...


hi there.

sy terbaca komen akak kat blog rymza pasal FT,huhuhu...respect toing2 kat akak.hehe.

xnak tanya ke psl FYP 1 sy pasal CIM aritu, sy present dah n so far so good..nak harapkan akak tolong,xsiap la project sy tu.xnk kawan ngn akak la,hehe=P