Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Everything I Do, I Do It For You

Isn’t it nice, if we could blame others for our failure? Isn’t it better if we could pick someone to be the scapegoat as a result of our stupidity? Hmm.. so much for an evil wishful thinking. Ida_zy, hello… welcome to the real world. The world where you MUST take responsibility of what you do. If only I could turn back time. If… if… and more ifs.

“What? Your thesis involves no hardware? Only simulation?”

“You are still here? Don’t you want to finish?”

“What took you so long? Others have finished, why haven’t you finished too?”

“Why are you still single? Too picky, eh?”

The list of questions could be endless. And I would justify and defend myself to no end. But wait a minute, why am I being defensive? According to Dale Carnegie, the more people criticize you, the more you will defend your justifications at any cost. But then, the big question comes, whom do I want to impress? Do I want to look good in front of others? Does my ‘goody two shoes’ image really matter? No, definitely not. It is only Allah, only Allah that we need to impress. (still, Allah knows your intention better)

Here’s the tip, if it’s ONLY Allah’s pleasure that you seek, you could ignore any critics, any backlash whatsoever. To be honest, this is what I observe, people do not care how hard or difficult is it for you to achieve something. It doesn’t matter how much you have to struggle amidst the obstacles. To them, the most important is the OUTPUT and RESULTS. This is where the beauty of seeking Allah’s pleasure resides. Allah S.W.T DOES take into account your hardship, your intention, the obstacles you face, everything. Nothing could pass His observation. Even if the outcome is not fruitful, Allah knows your effort, and Insya Allah, He will grant it accordingly. So, why bother to whine and grumble? Leave everything to Allah. (provided you have tried)

Well then, live your life simply by this rules: admit your mistakes, learn to improve, do everything in the name of Allah and let bygones be bygones :)


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