Monday, September 17, 2007

A Better Ramadhan, Insya Allah…

Today is the fifth day of Ramadhan. How time does fly. Indeed, time is like a sword. I feel like being slashed by it when I procrastinate. Nevertheless, all Muslims anticipate Ramadhan, including me. This is the month when we tend to recite Quran more frequently, the time when we do not hesitate in carrying out good deeds. Subhanallah.

Being able to celebrate Ramadhan in my beloved IIUM, certainly doubles the joy. For three consecutive days, I had my iftar at the IIUM Mosque. However, yesterday I bought food for iftar at IIUM Ramadhan Bazaar. The reason? I could not eat bread anymore for iftar huhu. My Malay stomach yearns for rice. This year’s iftar is really different, the menu is bread and soup. Unlike the previous years, the menu varied from day to day, and usually it is RICE. I sound like an ungrateful person eh, for being picky with my iftar menu. Don’t get me wrong, the bread is soft and delicious and big, and the soup is really good. To be honest it is enough to satisfy my hunger. But still, being raised with at least two rice meals per-day… you know what I mean

I really love performing Tarawwih Prayers in IIUM Mosque. I don’t know how to describe the feeling, just try it for yourself. Somehow I could grasp the idea of unity within diversity when I see IIUM students from various countries coming to the mosque to pray. Different complexion, different clothing, you name it. And each time the brothers recite ‘amiinnnn’, my ‘bulu roma’ (what is it in English, I don’t know) stands up. Something to do with Muslim brotherhood, I suppose.

As for the sisters, this is the time when we get to see many toddlers brought by their mothers. There are many mothers-to-be who are willing to play with them, much to their mothers’ approval. Like yesterday, while I was reciting Quran after witr, there was one Arab baby (he’s around 2, I guess) kept coming near me. When I tried to hold his hand, he would run away. But there’s no mistake he was smiling. So cute! He just kept coming and running away again. After I finished reciting the Quran, as I was heading to the exit, I bumped into him again, he was still all smiles. This time I hugged him and kissed him on his cheek. (geram, tak tahan hehe). He seemed to like it, because he grinned. So I hugged and kissed him again, this time he tried to pull away hehe, Alhamdulillah he didn’t cry. He must have been thinking, who is this makcik? One peck is enough la.

Well, let’s pray for a better Ramadhan. Let’s pray that all Muslims shall unite in the same path in an effort to search for the truth. May this Ramadhan change us to become better Muslims for the sake of the Allah’s pleasure. On a sentimental note, I know I shall miss Ramadhan in IIUM next year. Verily Allah knows better. Ramadhan Al-Mubarak everyone.

Qod kafaa nii ‘ilmu rabbi, min suaalii wakhtiaarii

Indeed, what is sufficient for me lies within Allah’s knowledge, in accordance with my wish and effort, amiinnn..

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