Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Eid Mubarak: Undefined

It’s almost Eid, and my thesis status is still undefined. I have submitted the first draft of the first four chapters to my supervisor for correction. I pray that he will take a good look at it and we could discuss about it after Eid. In the meantime, I’m working on the most crucial part of my thesis which shows no hint of progress.

Another thing which bothers my mind: my face skin care condition is getting worse; in fact this is the worst in many years. I don’t want to sound superficial but there are at least two persons commenting about my face, “Ida, apa jadi dengan muka awak?” A normal woman could not just pretend that this matter does not bother her at all. Pimples keep popping, not to mention the existing whiteheads, blackheads, freckles. To make things worse, I like to pinch my pimple, leaving all those ‘nice’ scars. All of a sudden, I got mad at one skin care product that promotes: say no to bread face. I’m thinking, what’s wrong with bread face, I got bread face!

Two good friends of mine said, maybe I am stressed with the thesis. Yup, I am stressed on worrying of doing nothing when actually I should be doing something which I don’t know how to do it. There, I feel better after writing all this. I know, I should be grateful with what I have and keep striving for the best. But please excuse me my dear reader(s), a grumpy lady needs to whine once in a while

During this eid break, I need to work out the method on how to incorporate the following equation into my code:

AverageDelay(t) = α * AverageDelay(t -1) + (1−α) * MeasuredDelay(t)

AverageDelay(t) = average delay at round t

AverageDelay(t-1) = average delay at round (t-1)

α = weighted factor

MeasuredDelay(t) = measured RTT at round t

That’s more than enough technical terms I think. Just feel like sharing the burden, that’s all. No need to take it seriously :)

'Ala kulli hal, Eid Mubarak, my friends. We have two days of Ramadhan left. Let’s make the best of it!


ibah said...

ida...hihi..produk ape awk pun ritu pelik gak...maleh nk la..bab muka ni kadng tu sensitp sikit...

Anonymous said...

takpe k.ida..ini (pimple)kan anugerah yang jarang ada pada org lain :p..saya pernah berfikiran begini suatu ketika dulu..