Sunday, May 10, 2009

KL Book Fair 2009

Last year I did not attend the much-anticipated book fair as I was in the midst of semester classes. This year, as the dates coincided with study-week and I got to conduct the clearance process at my beloved Taman Ilmu dan Budi, I applied for one-day leave specifically for attending this event.

Actually, I did not even visit all the booths due to unstoppable continuous cash flow. Bak orang mengantuk disorongkan bantal. That’s how I felt that day. My hunger for books led to the following shopping lists:

1. Milennia subscription for one year

2. Three recipe books (RM 5 each)

3. Travelog Iran: Menyingkap Misteri Bumi Ahmadinejad by Dina Sulaiman

4. Manikam Kalbu by Faisal Tehrani

5. Bedar Sukma Bisu by Faisal Tehrani

6. Ruang Perjalanan by S. Othman Kelantan

7. Ensiklopedia Safir (7 volumes)

8. Lembaga Budi by Hamka

9. Persoalan dan Kemusykilan Agama by Hamka (ordered by my father)

10. Solusi subscription for one year

I was looking for Virus L by fellow blogger Suri Kaidar but I could not find it. Furthermore I forgot to buy Ketupat Cinta by Faisal Tehrani. Really can’t wait for the next year’s Book Fair and I need to plan accordingly next time! Thanks a lot Shada for accompanying me:)

p/s: Apart from the above shopping lists, there are about 5-6 unread books that I have bought since last year. I wonder when I will be able to read them all hehe

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