Sunday, July 18, 2010


To be honest, I am not the 'cuddly' type with any pet. Once, in high school I thought I loved rabbits, but it does not prevail. Simply put, I am neutral when it comes to animal pets such as cats, rabbits, hamsters etc. Feeding or giving them nice shelter is ok with me, but no cuddling ok. The only type of cats which I like is the ones which do not react when I stroke or caress them.

Thus, when I tried this quiz suggested by my good friend Zakiah, I am not that surprised when I got the following result:
The Norwegian Forest Cat is strong and independent. She is reserved with newcomers but blossoms in the company of old friends. Confidently defending what is hers, she does not like strangers in her territory. Her luxurious coat is a lot to handle, and necessity dictates regular upkeep. An amazing athlete, the Norwegian Forest Cat thrives on physical activity, and no leap is too great or prey too quick for her to tackle. This huntress is clearly queen of her domain!

Most of the descriptions are true, but strong and independent? Hmm, not that strong I presume, though I am trying to be strong. Anyway, I think this Norwegian is so cute, hope she will let me stroking her fur without reacting :D

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Sara said...

Wahhh..cutenyer kucing tue.....