Friday, July 14, 2006

Unconditional Love

She used to be the serious type, unfeeling some people said, a person of few words others labeled her. But she was not lonely then, she was satisfied and content in her own way. As long as she does not hurt others and she is not hurt. Simple. Easy. Perhaps, being born in a close-knit family, she did not need others’ affections. But still, she has friends, oh yes… she has. She was not hated and despised by others though. But she was not open in expressing her feelings and emotions and she did not expect others to do the same as well. No doubt she was a reserved person. Even at times, she became too reserved.

Time passed by, and she believed she have to change for the better. She decided to be more expressive in showing her affections towards others. All of a sudden, she turns into a new lady. She seems so happy. People begin to notice. Her circle of friends widens. But she realizes something else as well. She becomes hurt when her kindness and affection receives no response. Even simple silly things make her feel left out and ignored. Sadly she realizes the bitter truth: the ‘old’ her would never feel that way.
She keeps thinking and pondering. She tries to reason. To figure out the answer, the root cause. And alhamdulillah, she found it. Her love is conditional, that’s why! She should stop giving love with the attention of getting something in return. She thanks Allah for making her aware of unconditional love. O Allah, thanks for your unconditional love.


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