Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Generous Jenny

I had just received the following email a couple of minutes ago. There were similar emails before, but usually it is supposed to be originated from Burkina Faso, Sierra Leone, Coast Ivory (etc). Luckily I watched a few World Cup games, otherwise I would not have any idea where are those countries reside. However, this one seems like it is from Hong Kong, and honestly, the tale that he/she wrote could form a soap-opera:

Greetings from Janet Lee,

after going through your information over the internet i decided to contact you for friendship and assistance for distribution of my inheritance towards charity. My name is Janet. Lee; I am a dying woman who has decided to donate what I have for the good work of charity. I am 60 years old and I was diagnosed for breast cancer for about 2 years now.

I have been touched by God to donate from what I have inherited from my late husband to you for the good work of God, rather than allow my husband evil relatives to use my husband hard earned funds ungodly. They don't care about man kind, all they care is how to rob some money from me and spend them ungodly. Please pray that the good Lord forgives me my sins. I have asked God to forgive me and I believe he has because He is a merciful God. I will be going in for a surgery soon and I want to make sure that I make this donation before undergoing my surgery.

I decided to donate the sum of $2,500,000 (two million five hundred thousand dollars) to you for the good work of the lord, and also to help the motherless and less privilege and also for the assistance of the widows and unfortunate mothers. At the moment I cannot take any telephone calls right now due to the fact that my husband's relatives are always around me and trying to see if they can overhear my conversations and my health status as well.

I wish you all the best and may the good Lord bless you abundantly, and please use the funds well and always extend the good work to others. I have informed my consultant about the ($2,500,000.00). it is true that I don’t know you and you don't know, but I have been directed by God to contact you for this. Thanks and God bless. I will direct you further after hearing from you.
NB: I will appreciate your utmost confidentiality in this matter until the task is accomplished as I don't want anything that will jeopardize my wish. Also I will be contacting with you only by email as I don't want my husband relations or anybody to know because they are always around me.

Reply me through this my most private email: (jannetlee212atyahoodotcomdothk)
Mrs. Janet Lee.


lady zaini said...
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lady zaini said...

hahaha...saya pun baru tulis pasal scam..ngehehe, tp awak nyer version email. sy nyer version phone.

Naper kita selalu sama?
Kembarkah kita? :P

Nanti kalau dh dapat duit tuh, dermakan sikit kat saya 0.001% pun dah cukup, boleh tak? sy masuk kategori "less privilege" kut..ngehehe.
"tak baik" lerr... awak dh publish her most private email..