Saturday, March 25, 2006

Pesta Buku Antarabangsa KL 2006

Books! Books! And more books! I really love going to book stores, so you could imagine my enthusiasm being in a Book Fest. I just can't get enough of books, at least the books which are not related to the course I am taking. It's been 8 years, and I still have indifferent feeling towards computer engineering. I do not hate computer engineering, don't get me wrong! It's just that I could not love it. But I'm still trying to love it, I never give up. :) Don't worry.

I went to the Book Fest today with my youngest sister. There are so many booths, we could not explore all of them thoroughly. Never mind, we are planning for another trip anyway. Today we were just surveying, at least that's my original intention. Still, I ended up renewing my Readers' Digest subscription for the price of RM 108. How could I resist such a good offer? Here, the salesman asked me if I am a law student. Well, do I look like a law student? Actually, no one ever guessed the course I take with the right answer. The usual answers given are IRK (Islamic Revealed Knowledge), Arabic, Human Sciences and Laws. If my memory serves me right, someone thought of me as an English Literature student. But never Engineering or any Science related courses, never! When I asked my youngest sister, even she agreed that I don't look like a computer engineering student. I suppose, lack of passion for the course I am taking is the reason haha.

While I was filling the form of Readers' Digest subscription, another salesman (or maybe their boss? I am not sure) suggested to me to subscribe Fortune Magazine when I let slip the information that I am a master student. He then gave a short speech on how I could benefit from the way Fortune Magazine articles are written. According to him, all the articles in Fortune are written in analytical thinking method. For instance, they analyze the reasons behind a company collapse and so on... Of course, I refused his offer politely. For all I know, Fortune Magazine is for businessmen/economists and I never like economy. Perhaps I don't like economy because I am not good at it. I got C for my Introduction To Economy during my undergraduate studies. Hmm... sour grapes.

Based on my observation, Karangkraf got the largest booth there. There was a huge crowd there as well, especially in Alaf 21 section. Some of the novels' writers were present, explaining the huge crowd. The only Alaf 21 novels that I like are written by Ramlee Awang Murshid, but he seemed not to be around. Otherwise, I would have stopped checking the Alaf 21 section. My sister picked 2 Siri Reaktif books from PTS Publications. Nickoledoeon Books also caught our attention since we found many interesting Islamic books for children. I am considering to buy one for my nephew. Last Thursday, I listened to Books Segment on They invited one of the translators for 'Karya Pengembaraan Ibnu Battuta'. The discussion was very interesting and it made me thinking of buying it. But I could not afford the price. At least not now. I never bought a book with such price.

I am planning for another trip, so you could expect an entry entitled 'Pesta Buku Antarabangsa KL 2006 Part II'. Better still, come to PWTC and see for yourself.


hudasoid said...

sedihnya tak dapat gi pesta buku kali nih :(

Jiwa Rasa said...


The Ibn Batuta book by IKIM is indeed a little bit expensive. Howebver, you may want to try another book on Ibn Batuta written by Ross E Dunn. It has been translated into Bahasa Melayu.

ida_zy said...

terima kasih en. jiwa rasa
kerana sudi menjenguk ke blog saya yg serba kekurangan ini
saya selalu baca blog en. jiwa rasa
banyak betul baca buku
cemburu saya :)