Friday, April 07, 2006

When Shah Rukh Khan Met Dr. M

The following is an extract from an article in The Star newspaper last Wednesday which I find very 'interesting', escpecially the bold sentence:

The actor (Shah Rukh Khan) lauded the statesman as a great leader in the world, and added that Dr Mahathir was his idol, which prompted the former premier to return the compliment, saying that Shah Rukh Khan “is my idol”.
Shah Rukh Khan said he had listened to Dr Mahathir’s speeches. “I like the way he speaks. He is very sharp,” he added. “Dr Mahathir is the spokesman for Islam. He made very clear what Islam stands for.

'Well done, Mr. Khan!' If I'm not mistaken, he was the one who confessed in one of his visits here that he only performed solat (prayer) once in his life. That was during the time his mother was really sick that he became afraid of losing her. But he became dissappointed since his mother still died anyway, and he decided not to pray again.

Therefore you could imagine how 'glad' I am with his latest statement. Finally he knows what Islam stands for! I suppose he forgot that solat is placed second in the pillars of Islam. ( for those who don't get it, I'm trying to be sarcastic here :))


Serunai Faqir aka SF said...

terima kasih krn sudi berkunjung, ish saya cuma org kecil saja dlm dunia penulisan. Blog tu baru nak cuba2 tulis. Masa agak ketat dan banyak kerja2 perjabat yg harus ditangani tapi saya cuba utk tidak menulis dalam satu hari. Ida menulis?

ida_zy said...

terima kasih juga sebab sudi buat kunjungan semula
ceita pasal menulis ni boleh rujuk entri saya yang berikut:
itu kira macam luahan hati la

kalau ada yang sudi hendak tolong
mengedit tulisan saya yang telah lama terperap tu, saya amat berbesar hati :)